Da Conch Shack – TCI


Blue Hills Road, Turks & Caicos Islands

Date Dined: May 2014

Rating: 7.0

Scenery Rating: 10!


Da Conch Shack is a relaxed little restaurant that serves fresh fish, rum punch, and as you can tell by the name – a selection of different conch dishes. It is a place that both locals and tourists alike will frequent to get a good comforting meal. This adorable little compound evokes a seriously relaxed, island-ey vibe. There are several little huts painted turquoise and white shaded by palms with wooden walkways lined with pink conch shells. The view is spectacular and faces a crystal blue cove and Caribbean music plays in the background. On Wednesday nights this is the place to be for live music and dancing.


We ordered up a small feast but somehow managed to finish it all and still be hungry for dinner.

First up was the cracked conch, which is essentially the same as fried calamari but with conch instead of squid. These are tasty little bites which have more texture and flavor than squid.


We also had the conch fritters, which were probably the best fritters I have had. Fluffy on the inside and with chunks of conch throughout, dipped in the zesty pink sauce are definitely island comfort food.


For our entrée we had fish tacos with the catch of the day – grouper – heavily seasoned and blackened. The fish alone is a bit salty but when wrapped in the tortilla with some cole slaw is pretty delicious.


The jerk chicken wings gave us a taste of their other specialty – jerk seasoning. These tender wings were deeply infused with the jerk spices making them slightly spicy and extra delicious when dipped in yogurt sauce.


Da Conch Shack should not be missed on your trip to Turks & Caicos!








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  1. this is simply breath taking. i cant wait to embark on this kind of journey and have this experience. very nice piece too. keep it up.

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