Black Seed Bagels – Soho


170 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012

Date Dined: May 2014

Rating: 8.7


New York’s hottest new bagel shop, Black Seed, has been getting lots of press in its first couple weeks of being open. Noah Bernamoff of Mile End and Matt Kliegman of The Smile have brought Montreal style hand rolled and wood-fired bagels to NYC with their charming little shop. On their first day they completely ran out of bagels altogether forcing them to institute a 4-bagel maximum.

The clean wood and brick lined interior features a few tables to sit at and an open kitchen where all the magic happens. The wood burning oven is tended by just one dedicated bagel roaster who carefully fires a few bagels at a time to achieve the perfect crusty outside and steaming soft, chewy inside. Each bagel is relatively small and nicely coated in its seeded topping of choice.

I stopped by Black Seed yesterday morning expecting a wait but had all my food in about 10 minutes. I ordered two bagels and wished I could have eaten more! The first was the classic #1 – an everything bagel with plain cream cheese, house lightly cured salmon, ripe red tomato, finely sliced onions and a few salty capers. What is really apparent is how much care is put into the creation of each bagel and each sandwich on the menu. The result is one of the best bagels in New York.


#1: Everything Bagel, Salmon, Tomato, Cream Cheese, Onions, Capers.

My second sandwich was #3 which was an everything bagel with salmon, tobiko cream cheese and butter lettuce. The tobiko cream cheese was a nice creative touch that was not only tasty but also very beautiful.


#3: Everything Bagel, Tobiko Cream Cheese, Butter Lettuce

To round out the meal Black Seed also serves Stumptown coffee making it the ideal one-stop breakfast spot. I have no doubt that Black Seed will be around for a very long time.


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