Villa Rosa – Positano


Via Cristoforo Colombo, 127, 84017 Positano Salerno, Italy

Rating: 6.5

Villa Rosa is a very understated little bed and breakfast in Positano which we chose because of the location and views of the coast. The décor is very simple and predominantly white with arched doorways and hand painted accents. With just 22 rooms, and incredible location, this teeny spot fills up quickly. The service is very friendly and I think you would be hard pressed to find any complaints about Villa Rosa.

Breakfast on the Balcony

What makes it truly special is the breakfast with a view. Each morning your breakfast is delivered to your private balcony so that you can take in the unparalleled views while sipping your (full fat) latte.

For a comfortable experience without compromising on views and that won’t completely break the bank, Villa Rosa is a very good choice.

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