Terrasse des épices


15, souk Cherifia. Sidi Abdelaziz. Marrakech Médina

Rating: 6.5

Terrace des epices

Situated high above all the hustle and bustle of the souks is a quiet little terrace to escape for a nice lunch. To be fair, since we simply could not stop our good run of bargaining with the shop owners we showed up to lunch a tad late (around 3:30) so we ended up being just one of about 5 tables.

We sat down at a shaded table on the side of the terrace where a gentle mist sprayed us from the trim of the thatched roof- a welcome comfort in the heat of the scorching day. Each of the tables on the terrace had woven palm leaf hats with “terrace des epices” written on them to help shade customers from the sun during their meal which I thought was a cute touch.

Most of the menus in Morocco have pretty heavy fare and this was no exception although there were a few salads thrown in there as well.

I shared a salad, a Berber tagine and a chicken tagine with preserved lemons and olives with my friend. The food was good, the location is great and the company was perfect.

Salad with Goat Cheese and Duck Bacon


Chicken Tagine

Berber Tagine

Terrace des épices is one of your best bets for a good meal and a little break from shopping.

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