Chez Black – Positano


Via del Brigantino, Positano

Rating: 8.5

Chez Black is an open, casual, beach front restaurant located right on Spaggia Grande overlooking the Mediterranean. The interior looks exactly like a wooden ship with heavily lacquered woodwork, which, in combination with the ubiquitous presence of mermaids in Positano, and the name “Chez Black” gives it a slightly piratey feel. But never has a pirate ship ever had such amazing food as Black’s beachfront eatery.

Spaggia Grande

There are many restaurants with amazing views (if not all?) in Positano but you can immediately tell that Chez Black is one of the more sceney spots and is definitely one to check off your list. The family also dominates the waterfront because they also happen to own the famed night club “Music on the Rocks” at the other end of the beach.

This description might sound a bit kitschy but it is also quite charming. An artist painted the classic landscape in pale watercolors right on the beach in front of us and it didn’t even feel all that touristy despite the location and reputation.

We had a reservation for our first day in Positano which worked out perfectly because the sun was a bit spotty so we indulged in a leisurely, wine-filled meal. One of my favorite things about all of the restaurants in Positano is that each one has their own personalized version of the traditional ceramic dinnerware. Each design adds a bit of unique flair to the meal.

Creamic Plates

Appetizers to share included three pizzas and few orders of Caprese salad. The pizza, as you can imagine, arrived piping hot and fresh out of the oven. The crust was thin and crisp and the ingredients incredibly fresh.

Pizza with Mushrooms, Artichoke & Prosciutto

The Caprese salad, again, featured gorgeous tomatoes that only Italy can produce and creamy mozzarella that actually had the flavor of a cheese as opposed to the white rubbery substance we get here.

Caprese Salad

As my entrée I had one of the more creatively presented dishes I have seen. The uni pasta arrived to the table in a vessel shaped like a gigantic sea urchin. Be careful because the spines will actually prick you. The pasta itself was just slightly al dente, covered in a heavenly combination of garlic, olive oil and of course sea urchin.

Sea Urchin Dishes

Inside the spikey pod....

The meal was flooded with chilled rosé and frozen limoncello and could not have been more perfect or more relaxing.




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