Hamptons Lobster

Summertime to me is basically synonymous with lobster. It just tastes so much better in the summer when you indulge in a heaping pile of succulent crustacean on a buttery bun after a long day at the beach. This past weekend I decided to try out a few different interpretations of the traditional lobster roll in the Hamptons (a special thank you to my hosts for this lovely lobster spree!)

Friday Night: Bostwick’s – East Hampton

Bostwick’s Chowder House isn’t technically a “restaurant”. It is a little take-out shop that conveniently has seating and a full bar (wink wink). Nevertheless, they do what they do extremely well. Seafood. What could be better than being greeted after a long train ride than a buttered potato bun heaping with large chunks of lobster, a little celery and just a touch of mayo? I typically go for hot lobster rolls but this is at the top of my “lobster salad” category.

Bostwick's Lobster Roll

Saturday Night: South Edison – Montauk

South Edison is a new restaurant on the scene in Montauk that has a very 1950’s laid back feel to it. Everything in the restaurant is beach/summertime themed and the colors are meant to appear slightly sun-bleached. Compared to the many beach shacks that dot Montauk this is more upscale casual. To continue my lobster theme for the weekend I ordered the lobster buns which featured an entire lobster squeezed into three little buttery brioche buns – one with the claws and the others with tail. As simple as that with a little drawn butter these guys pack some big lobster flavor.

South Edison Lobster Buns

Sunday Night: Back to Bostwick’s – East Hampton

Lobster tacos have recently been added to the menu at Bostwick’s and my host said they are an absolute must try. I reluctantly agreed to share an order of the tacos with her because, really, who eats just one taco? I will admit she was right and not only were they delicious but with all the other seafood we ordered, one was just enough for me. This is a larger soft taco filled with chunks of lobster tail, a salsa of sweet corn, cilantro, and tomato with some shredded lettuce drizzled with a creamy tangy sauce and a spritz of fresh lime juice.

Bostwick's Lobster Tacos

I am not going to say that any of the above was clearly better than another because they really satisfied three completely different types of lobster cravings and all were delicious!!

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