15 East – NYC


15 East 15th Street  New York, NY 10003

Rating: 9.3

What makes you hungrier than watching a bunch of emaciated models strut their stuff (or lack thereof) during New York fashion week? Not much…

After approximately 90 intense seconds of haute couture at the Marc Jacobs fashion show on Monday night,  my friends and I had really worked up an appetite. Conveniently, the show is held annually at the 69th Regiment Armory which is right near Union Square, the home of 15 East, one of the best sushi restaurants in NYC. We decided to stop in for a quick bite.

The restaurant features very sparse and simple Japanese décor. All of their ceramic-ware is created by a local artist but their ingredients are flown in from around the world.

We began with a very fitting, model- sized amuse bouche which a cube of squash topped with a piece of pistachio.  While it would be nice to be full after such a lavish treat, we decided to continue on with a few more items.

Amuse Bouche

Next was the appetizer course. I had what was probably the best bargain on the menu- a bowl of hand rolled and hand cut soba noodles in a light broth topped with three kinds of caviar. For $15 this delicious noodle bowl with Uni, salmon roe and black caviar was definitely worth it.

Cold Soba with Caviar

Also delicious options to start are the homemade silken tofu and the kobe beef tartare with pickled daikon, quail egg, gochujang and honey.

Kobe Tartare

We also had a few pieces of sushi which was excellent. I had Tasmanian King salmon, grilled eel, Hamachi, sweet shrimp and the dessert of all sushis – Uni from Santa Barbara.


15 East is a great restaurant that is very sophisticated without being pretentious and conveniently located in the heart of the city. It is perfect for a few pieces of sushi at the sushi bar or a full Omakase menu on a special occasion.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013
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