Waverly Inn – NYC


16 Bank St. (at Waverly) New York, NY 10014

Rating: 7.4

You really can’t pick a much cozier spot on a cold snowy night than the Waverly Inn. Even the entrance which is a small dgreen door under a staircase gives the impression of walking into a secret hideaway where you might go hibernate for a while on a winter’s evening. Inside the dimly lit restaurant everything glows from the flickers of small votives and few sparsely located sconces. In the winter the front room has a nice little fireplce to take the chill off patrons at the bar. This place has a quintessential New York feel.

While the food at Waverly is really just fine, the truffle mac n cheese, which is not actually listed on the menu, is surreal.  For a cool $85 you will be presented with a steaming hot cast iron skillet with big rounds of rigatoni each filled to the brim with a gooey, rich and creamy blend of cheese. All of this is topped with crispy breadbrumbs. Once the plate reaches the table the waiter whips out his personal truffle grater and shaves a generous amount of aromatic black truffle on top. Hands down the best mac n cheese I have ever had.

A Dark View of the Mac n Cheese

Everything else we had seemed like filler after the Mac – a really quite good kale caesar salad that was finely chopped, a decent burger but nothing to write home about and some really yummy freshly baked biscuits with butter.

All that comfort food with nice glass of Grüner followed by a quiet walk home through the West Village in the snow and you’ve got yourself an evening.

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