Palazzo Murat – Positano


Via dei Mulini, 23, 84017 Positano Salerno, Italy

Date Dined: September 2013

Rating: 7.3


Entrance to the Dining Courtyard

On our final day in Positano as we sadly awaited the cars to come collect us for the airport we looked for a nice place to have a light bite. We remembered passing what looked like a beautiful courtyard on our way down to the beach the first day and thought it might be a good idea to check it out.





Our View

The Hotel Palazzo Murat ended up being exactly what we wanted. A gorgeous enclosed garden with fruit trees and umbrellas to shade us. The narrow view between the walls is perfectly centered over the iconic golden dome of the Positano Parish Church. As it turns out the romantic garden is a favorite for holding small weddings and events in Positano.



Photo Courtesy of: www.bookitalyonline.com

Photo Courtesy of: www.bookitalyonline.com

We ordered a few caprese salads and a few dishes of pesto pasta to share, along with multiple bottles of chilled rose to drown our sadness, which was just the right order.


Last Caprese


Pesto Pasta

The quiet garden was a serene little escape from the bustle of the store-lined shopping street outside. This would be a great option for a relaxed meal while enjoying your stay especially if you are doing a little shopping in the area.

Bougainvillea Lined Path Through the Village to the Beach

Bougainvillea Lined Path Through the Village to the Beach

Shops Sell Their Signature Painted Ceramics

Shops Sell Their Signature Painted Ceramics


Coral Themed Souvenirs


Lemons Bigger Than a Foot for Limoncello

IMG_7272 IMG_6918

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