Pommes Frites – NYC


123 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003

Date Dined: December 2013

Rating: 6.5

Pommes Frites is a hole in the wall in the East Village that has been a staple for every late-night eater for the past 16 years. Carrying nothing but their signature double fried potatoes and over 20 sauces to dip them in, Pommes Frites has been able to make quite a name for itself.

I actually went to Pommes Frites for “dessert” a  of weeks ago since I wasn’t in the mood for something sweet. My friend and I walked into the little shop which is so small one could easily walk by without knowing it was there. The inside feels like an old Belgian alleyway with sacks of potatoes up to the ceiling in the rear and has enough seats for just a few people to cram in. The tables conveniently have little holes to place your cone in for optimal use of your hands – which you will definitely need because of the dozens of sauces you will be juggling.


I opted for the truffle mayo (duh), the cheddar cheese sauce and the parmesan peppercorn. I should have taken my friend’s advice and gone for the extra crispy but regular is just fine too. The truffle mayo was my favorite because I normally just eat plain mayo with my fries. The cheddar cheese sauce was a little bland and kind of reminded me of ballpark nachos. The parmesan peppercorn was good too but I didn’t want it on all the fries. Of course regular ketchup is always a good choice as well.

Head to Pommes Frite for your fill of carb-ey deliciousness at any time of day and well into the late night.

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