Gramercy Terrace – NYC


Gramercy Park Hotel, 2 Lexington Avenue, New York NY 10010

Rating: 8.2

Beautiful Day

On a gorgeous sunny day like today the best places to have brunch in the city are outdoor terraces and rooftops. Danny Meyer’s newly revamped Gramercy Terrace just opened on May 19th and is a great addition to the outdoor dining scene. We did not have much trouble getting a reservation this weekend but I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the most popular brunch spots of the summer very soon. For right now though, the small space is calm, intimate and sophisticated.

The interesting modern decor of the Gramercy Park Hotel extends to the top floor of the building and the interior drawing rooms display incredible artistic works by the likes of Warhol and Damien Hirst. The main interior room opens up onto the terrace and has a beautiful ceiling that is covered completely with light bulbs. Very dramatic. The terrace itself is a simply decorated with ivy wrapped beams and white lights.

I was the first to arrive and was pleasantly surprised to find a coffee bar where guests can help themselves and relax until their tables are ready. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that I had some friends who were already seated at another table so was able to catch up with them while the rest of my party arrived.

The menu at Gramercy Terrace is somewhat limited but everything looked very good. We started with a summer heirloom tomato salad with red onions and goat cheese that was light and refreshing.

Heirloom Tomatoes

We also had the fried oysters with an okra and corn hash. These were a bit spicy with the addition of some jalapeno.

Fried Oysters

As our mains everyone but one of us had the lobster roll which was very good. The tender lobster chunks were perfectly cooked and seasoned. Watermelon radishes and celery added some texture.

Lobster Roll

Old bay fries of course are the necessary complement to a summery lobster roll.

Old Bay Fries

Our other friend had the biscuit sandwich which actually looked amazing. A homemade buttery biscuit with homemade breakfast sausage, a fried egg and cheese.

Biscuit Sandwich

I have no doubt that Gramercy Terrace is going to be a wild success and would advise anyone to start their day with good food and good friends in this beautiful setting.

Drawing Room


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