Barbuto – NYC


775 Washington Street New York, NY 10014

Date dined: 3.18.12

Photo courtesy of: http://newyork.timeout.com

Barbuto is one my top go-to’s for any meal. I have been here for many dinners and brunches at all times of year and I have yet to be disappointed. Not only does it have delicious food every time but it also has a great atmosphere as is always packed but the wait is never ridiculously long.  

Everything about this restaurant is simple. From the finely curated menu and wine list to Chef Jonathan Waxman’s bold new Italian flavors with fresh seasonal ingredients to the sparse decor- nothing about it reads over the top. Probably the best feature of the restaurant is that it was built in a garage with fully functioning doors which are easily opened on a bright sunny day.

This weekend we were blessed with some gorgeous weather which basically means that everyone in New York (or so it seams) migrates to the Meatpacking district for some outdoor time. My roommate and I were no exception and headed to Barbuto for a late Sunday bite.

I have a thing for finely shaved vegetables (I even have my very own scar to show for it and have been afraid to use my mandolin ever since) so my eye immediately went to the shaved cauliflower, sunchoke and walnut salad. Salads like these make me think I could actually be vegan…until I receive my second course which usually involves meat and cheese. The salad arrived looking like some magical coral garden from the sea – paper fine cross sections of the cauliflower florets and pieces of sunchoke. The whole dish was simply seasoned with good olive oil, chives, walnuts and lemon juice and topped with crispy bits of taro. Delicious.

Shaved Cauliflower and Sunchoke

For my main dish I ordered the Uovo al Forno – runny baked eggs over creamed spinach and polenta. A little shaved parmesan turned into a cheesy, salty crust on top.

Uovo al Forno

Barbuto is a no-fail choice for brunch, lunch or dinner for almost any occasion.

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