Bantam Bagels – NYC


283 Bleeker Street, New York, NY 10014

Rating: 6.5


Fridays were basically invented to be cheat days. Anything you want to eat is acceptable on a Friday and no one will judge you. If you order that bacon, egg and cheese on a croissant for breakfast on a Tuesday you will definitely get some comments from fellow co-workers but Friday is a total free-for-all and you don’t even have to be hungover to justify your sinful selections.

When a co-worker mentioned Bantam Bagels this week we all immediately knew that it was going to be a Friday lunch order. 96 bagels later (for 8 people) we knew the decision was a solid one.

Bantam is the donut hole of the bagel world. It is the sushi of carbohydrates. It is a one-bite wonder (or two if you have a small mouth) filled with cream cheese and topped with some sort of tasty accessory such as “everything” or a baked tomato slice. Their selections change on a regular basis and they kindly provide photos with detailed descriptions on their website and also have a monthly special/seasonal bagel. We pretty much ordered every single variety on the menu.

Weekend Brunch

Grandma Jojo

Favorites included:

Weekend brunch: an everything bagel filled with Lox cream cheese.

Buffalo: Celery bagel filled with a smokey chicken, blue cheese and hot sauce cream cheese.

Grandma jojo: an Italian spiced bagel filled with pesto cream cheese topped with a marinated tomato slice.

Bleeker Street: Pizza dough bagel filled with marinara, mozzarella cream cheese and topped with pepperoni.

Hot Pretzel: Pretzel bagel topped with coarse salt and filled with mustard and sharp cheddar cream cheese.

Cookies-n-Milk: Brown sugar walnut bagel with a sweet chocolate chip cream cheese.


Cream cheese...

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