Sadly the restaurant where I had the best meal of my life to date has since closed. Les Ambassadeurs in Paris was a truly unparalleled experience. This is a picture of one of the desserts we had which I wanted to post because it is so beautiful and exquisitely crafted. This delicate cage of meringue enclosed treasures of strawberries and mousses.


At a wedding that I was in recently the hors d’oeuvres were delicious at each event throughout the weekend. My particular favorite was this little blue potato filled with sour cream and caviar. Not only was this a delightful combination but the vibrant color was so gorgeous that I had to document it and  of course befriended the waiter so that he would make sure to stop by with each round.

Blue Potato & Caviar


One of the best things about the Hamptons in the summer is the Amagansett farmers market. The market is a gorgeous array of local produce and food from all of the surrounding farmland that makes the scenery out there so beautiful. On saturday morning I woke up at my host’s house to a big breakfast spread including an omelet of fresh zucchini blossoms, chives and creamy cheese. Served with a heavy seeded bread this was a pretty ideal way to wake up!


One thing I really love to do is try unusual foods. At Sushi Yasuda, one of my favorite sushi spots in the city, they have an assortment of interesting treats such as eel backbone (surprisingly yummy!) and this one here which is a little bunch of fried crabs. These crispy little guys were also very photogenic.


Wilfie & Nell is a cute, low key little bar tucked in the West Village that is a favorite among young New Yorkers. In the fall and winter it is cozy but in the spring they open their front to let in the fresh air and invite people in for a drink.  Here is a yummy Scotch egg I had as a snack recently.


Grand Central has one of the best markets in the area. With everything from butchers and cheesemongers to vendors selling baked goods, seafood and produce, anyone can pick up the makings for a 5-star meal on their daily commute. But while you are busy browsing through all the wonderful treats, don’t forget to look up and check out the mystical bejeweled tree that hangs upside down from the ceiling.


In Thailand they take great pride in the beauty of their dishes. Each night that my friends and I were there they would end the meal with a gorgeous colorful plate of artfully carved exotic fruits.


If you are skiing at Snowmass in Aspen it is worth it to stop for lunch at Sam’s Smokehouse right on the mountain. Sam’s is recently opened and offers a big menu of very good food for your midday ski break. Here is my pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and sweet potato fries. The good food and incredible views from up on the mountain make Sam’s definitely better than your average lodge.

Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Fries


A few months ago I was so fortunate to attend a book signing and conversation with Ferran Adrià – my culinary idol. I snuck a picture of him even though photography was discouraged to commemorate the special event. Adrià spoke about his inspirations for cooking such inventive and imaginative masterpieces at his late restaurant El Bulli and the influence and presence of Spanish cuisine in the US- in Spanish of course. Thank God for those years of Spanish classes in middle and high school! 

Ferran Adria


If you are fortunate enough to be invited to the Soho House in the Meatpacking district, as I was for brunch recently, the mini lobster rolls are a compulsory order. The perfect ratio of meat to buttery bun. Also great to share- best accompanied by a bloody Mary.