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My name is Chloe Wynne and I live and work in New York City. As a social twenty-something in the city that never sleeps (and neither do I really) with no shortage of incredible restaurants and bars to write about, I have decided to start a blog to share my experiences.

Although born in New York City and raised in Connecticut I am half French and grew up speaking the language of French [Food!]. Growing up I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my mother, learning her Parisian culinary flair. In no time, I was playing chef at her dinner parties, catering and serving friends and loved ones. To me, one of the greatest satisfactions is the enjoyment of others at the table sharing a meal you have created.

While I love cooking and entertaining, restaurants are my passion. My knack for remembering minute details about hundreds of dishes and cocktails has led me to become the go-to source for many friends, co-workers and acquaintances in need of specific recommendations.

My taste:

There is almost nothing I don’t like. I will taste anything once even if just to say that I have had it.  I generally like bold flavors but for the most part I am happy to try any option on a menu. I try to eat pretty healthy on a regular basis because I love rich food and don’t believe in restricting myself at restaurants- what’s the point?? You will probably see a mix of outrageously rich meals with a few healthy options thrown in for good measure.

One thing though – I have a serious aversion to bell peppers. Don’t ask me why. I know, they’re bland as hell so what’s really that offensive about them? They literally ruin any dish for me so I just won’t try and go there anymore.

Food Fetishes:

Anyone who knows me well knows that I go through crazy food fetishes. These obsessions have been known to last over a year where I simply cannot get enough of some food item. Some of my past fetishes include: English peas, wild mushrooms, risotto, truffle oil, ragu of any kind, fois gras and the list goes on. As I write this I am entering a grains phase (quinoa, wheatberries, farro) delicious and healthy! So, if you notice any trends in my ordering, this is probably why…


Epicurist is about the restaurant experience- atmosphere, service and vibe, as well as, obviously, amazing food. Though devoted to my beloved New York City, I will do my best to spice things up with reviews from other places I visit because there is nothing better than having a few good recommendations under your belt when traveling.

I hope you enjoy my culinary adventures.

The world is a delicious oyster!

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