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Island Vibes Tours, Turks & Caicos

Date Dined: May 2014

Rating – Must Do!

Ready to Dive!

Ready to Dive!

For the absolute freshest conch around, you can have a conch salad made directly in front of you on a beach. I’m not sure how anyone can top that! We took a little snorkel boat cruise through Island Vibes Tours (again, thanks to the help of our trusty concierge, Franklyn), which stopped at Iguana Island where the captains prepared a little afternoon snack of conch salad.

Because conch is such a highly coveted shellfish, it has become seriously over-fished. The captains said that while tourists used to be able to dive for their own, they are no longer accessible in shallow waters and must be retrieved from much greater depths.

We had a couple of the beautiful creatures on board and one of the captains demonstrated how to loosen the muscle from the shell by using a hammer and a knife.


This guy’s about to get a “Conchussion”



The conch is then cleaned leaving nothing but white muscle, which is chopped up and ready for eating. We had a lovely salad with tomatoes, citrus, onion and peppers (I worked my way around those) with a few rum punches on the beach.


I was able to keep this gorgeous shell as a souvenir of the trip. A true food adventure!









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