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114 Kenmare St. (at Lafayette St), New York, NY 10012

Date Dined: Multiple Visits

Beef and Pork Tacos

I was called for jury duty a few weeks ago, which I don’t think anyone would say is their favorite civil duty. I did get lucky on this occasion because the courthouse that I was called to just happened to be a few blocks south of my favorite taco shack- La Esquina. I must admit that in the countless times I have been, I have never actually sat down for a full meal in the much nicer restaurant down below, although I certainly intend on doing so at some point. Usually it’s more of a drive-by taco pick up from the take-out window which results in lime juice spraying the cab window and pulled pork in your shoe (very attractive, I know).

On this particular day I had a whole hour to devote to enjoying my tacos to their fullest potential. I decided on two different tacos, the classic Bistec and the Cochinita Pibil. The Bistec is my usual go-to selection, just a simple mixture of grilled skirt steak, charred onions, fresh cilantro and a salsa de chile de arbol which is a bit spicy. A spritz of lime is all you need to really bring the flavors of the steak and fresh ingredients out. The tiny tortilla is a bit crispy around the edges and somehow manages to hold everything together.

The Cochinita Pibil taco was a new order for me.  The pork was tender and juicy and topped with fresh cabbage, tart pickled onions and spicy jalapeño. After the first bite I immediately wished there was more and I think I found a new default order.

Turns out jury duty isn’t so bad after all.

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