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Incredible View

We didn’t think that Morocco could possibly get any better than what we had already experienced, but then came the last stop of our amazing trip, the Kasbah Tamadot. Tamadot is owned by Sir Richard Branson and operated in the same fashion as the rest of the destinations in his luxurious collection of hotels, but it is also stays true to the style and traditions of Morocco.

Set in an idyllic location at the base of a mountain and above a winding riverbed, the views of the sprawling Atlas Mountains are about as good as you can get. The infinity pool and dining terrace overlook a small Berber town on the other side of the river. Exploring the property reveals extensive gardens where they grow almost every fruit and vegetable that they would need to feed the guests.

One of the nicest features of the dining experience at Tamadot is that each evening the guests receive a formal invitation to dinner at one of many locations which changes each evening. Once a week there is a communal dinner where guests have the option to sit at a large table with other guests and some of the management to share what can be quite a fun time. We opted for the communal dinner with a live band our first night and then sat on the star-lit roof terrace our second night.

Since we ate all of our meals during our stay at Tamadot at the hotel here is sampling of what we had:

The communal dinner was an elegant buffet of various traditional Morrocan dishes including grilled and tagine meats, cous cous, a special pumpkin soup and lots of vegetable salads.

Appetizers at the Communal Dinner

One of the Chefs serving grilled meat

Breakfast was served on the peaceful terrace where you can sit and watch the smoke from the hammams rise over the Berber village and hear the sound of goats bleating from the woods below.


Poached Eggs with Salmon

Grilled crepe breads

Breakfast Tagine

Somehow between mules treks and mountain hikes we managed to fit in a little bit of time by the pool. A nice poolside lunch with a cocktail is probably one of the most relaxing activities.

A Warm Club Sandwich with Egg

Kylie Enjoying Some Rose on the Terrace

The rooftop  was the highest of the hotel and without any light pollution for hundreds of miles, the only thing lighting we had was the candle on our table. We had a delicious last meal which included our favorite new dish, pastilla, as well as a tomato and onion tart, grilled salmon and a royal tagine (which means lots of meats and sausages).


Royal Tagine

Grilled Salmon

On the Rooftop

Thank you so much to Alex Erdman from Indagare for both planning the absolute most ideal vacation and being the perfect travel buddy! (www.idagare.com)

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