Grey Lady – NYC


77 Delancey St. (at allen st.) New York, NY 10002

Rating: 6.9

Photo courtesy of www.greyladynyc.com

Now that the Holidays are over,  if you are like me, you are probably starting to have summer withdrawal. Where better to go than a place where it is perpetually summer? The Grey Lady, whose name pays homage to the often foggy island of Nantucket, embodies the low key spirit of the island. With floor to ceiling windows on one side and a long bar with chalkboard menus all with lots of bare concrete, rustic wood and nautical themed found objects as the the décor, this place immediately feels like home to many a New Englander.

The one thing to to be conscious of about Grey Lady is that when the bar gets packed (which is almost always) it is deafeningly loud. Of course I really enjoy a very lively restaurant but be prepared. As long as you don’t mind having an in depth conversation just with your immediate neighbors, you’ll be as happy as a littleneck clam.

The restaurant clearly targets people who like to stay in one place as it also just recently opened an addition on the side which is strictly for drinking and late night dancing.

As for the food at Grey Lady, of course there is a lot of seafood on the menu. Including a damn good lobster roll (I prefer mine warm and buttery). The chef and co-owner Gavin McLaughlin selects his local and seasonal ingredients from hometown farmers as well as the GrowNYC Greenmarket program. The menu changes based on what is fresh. 

A group of my friends and I had a reservation at Grey Lady for a random night out on the LES. We started with a bunch of shared plates and then each had our own entrée.

Lots of fresh seafood to start included fresh stone crab claws, oysters and lobster on the half shell.

Stone Crab Claws


A nice green addition to the menu were some charred shishito peppers.   

Charred Shishito Peppers

The bacon wrapped dates barely even hit the table before we had to order another round. The thick cut bacon was evenly cooked all the way through and did not seem greasy at all.

Bacon Wrapped Dates

We also had some cooked shellfish which included steamers and some baked clams with crusty grilled bread.

Baked ClamsSteamers

What would a seafood feast be without corn? Grey Lady does theirs up by grilling it and coating it with melty tangy cheese. This was also a very popular item.

Grilled Corn

 I definitely was able to make enough room for this lobster roll. A classic lobster roll stuffed to the brim with warm claws and drizzled in melted butter.

Classic Lobster Roll

Grey Lady is a great place to go  if you are craving a seafood meal any time of the year or even just want to have drinks with friends.

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