Fatty ‘Cue x2 – NYC


50 Carmine St. (nr. Bedford St.) New York, NY 10014

Rating: 7.7 

I am writing about Fatty ‘Cue again because I have such a consistently positive experience there each time I have been.

My one major disappointment was that they were out of the deep fried bacon, which I have now tried to order on two separate occasions, and they were out of it BOTH times. WHATTTT?? I may have to call ahead next time. Everything else was delicious and we definitely left satisfied. I also have to give a shoutout to our server because she was really fantastic and friendly. If only I could recall her name…

Repeat Offenders:

Chilies and Cheese: Pretty much the same as last time- warm parker house rolls, creamy cheese and salty-spicy chilies.

Chilies & Cheese

Daily selection of oysters with smoked horseradish &
meyer lemon shaker – always a winner.


I am still heavily into my kale phase so naturally the kale salad made a reappearance. The salad is dressed in creamy green peppercorn and cincalok dressing.

Kale Salad

Next was buttermilk pappardelle with smoked goat ragu, capra sarda, roasted pepper, and chilies. This dish was recommended to me every time I have eaten at ‘Cue but this was my first time ordering it. It definitely lived up to its recommendation. The pappardelle was thick cut and al dente with a light, creamy, meaty sauce.

Buttermilk Pappardelle

The Isaan- style duck laab was made of fazio farms duck with sawtooth coriander and served with butter lettuce leaves perfect for making lettuce wraps.

Duck Laab

The heritage pork ribs were enormous and somehow I ended up with the largest one which could have very well replaced my entire forearm. The ribs were tender and juicy seasoned with Indonesian long pepper, fish sauce and sweetened with a little palm sugar.

Pork Ribs

The smoked lamb shoulder dish was a dish that I had had before but actually was executed better this time- less jerkey-like and more tender. The lamb was served with warm house-made pita and spiced goat yogurt.

Lamb Shoulder

And the piece de resistance -our last dish which I thought was insanely good was the buttermilk friend half rabbit. Super crispy tender meat that was a littly bit gamey and served with a salty cincalok marinade and green chili-lemon shaker- this is a must-order. “Ironically” it is served in a rabbit shaped carved wooden dish.

Fried Rabbit

There is always room for dessert. We finished the meal with a  caramel and peanut butter sundae that was served trifle-style in a mason jar with peanut brittle.

Caramel Peanut Butter Sundae

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  1. sharelynn says:

    I tried Fatty’Cue last week and I loveee itt !!!
    The claims with bacon are very good : tasty and spicy
    The Ribbs … Yummy!!
    And the dessert… So Biggg!!

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