JG Melon – NYC


1291 3rd Avenue  New York, NY 10021

Date Dined: 11.11.11

JG Melon has been a New York staple since its opening in 1972. Obviously they are doing something right if they have been serving the same burger and fries since then. I am a huge fan of burgers and try to convince myself every time I eat one that they’re not thattttt bad for you- protein plus a few vegetables thrown on a light bun. The naughty part is the French fries- but I’ve never been one to turn down a potato of any kind. I’ll keep lying to myself.

JG Melon’s burger is a classic, simple burger. The meat (medium-rare of course) is juicy and dressed with a few slices of red onion, a few dill pickle chips and a slice of cheese (I went with cheddar). The ratio of lightly toasted bun to burger is just right and I like a little pickle and onion to freshen up a burger.

Yet, something didn’t quite add up. Despite all these seemingly good qualities, this burger did not stand out to me from a culinary point-of-view. The meat, while juicy, came slightly overcooked and lacked the real meaty flavor one looks for in a burger. The bun really added nothing to the party. It was just sort of there holding everything together. I found myself slathering on various condiments which I never do with a really good burger.

Classic Cheeseburger

Alongside the burger, Melon’s is known for their Cottage Fried Potatoes which are basically a thicker version of a potato chip. They’re ok. I’ll probably stick my regular fries next time.

So my verdict here is- absolutely make the trip for one of the quintessential NY burger experiences but don’t expect the food to blow you away (sorry to all you Melon’s loyalists…).

Yup, this bottle was full when we sat down...


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