Le Bilboquet – NYC

25 East 63rd Street  New York, NY 10065

Rating: 6.7

Maître D'

Bilboquet is an Upper East Side staple whether it is for a casual Sunday night meal at one of the tiny crammed together tables or boozy brunch with lots or rosé and loud music. This tiny French bistro does not have a shortage of Birkin bags, giant sunglasses, foreign accents and miniature pets tied to the leg of a chair but it is actually pretty casual. There is usually a wait for a table no matter what time of day or evening you go. My favorite part of the warmly lit little boutique spot is the constant rotation of fantastic artwork on the walls. Usually one or two pieces can cover the entire space which is instantly transformed by whatever is there. In the summer, the seating is almost doubled by the addition of a couple outdoor tables.

Recently NYC had a slight scare when Bilboquet announced that they would be shutting their doors forever. Thankfully their closing was “postponed” and we don’t really know that will be happening, if ever.

They are known for a few dishes but most notably the Cajun chicken which is served in a bath of sinfully buttery sauce. Other favorites include the smoked salmon and guacamole and the moules frites which is a giant pot of steaming mussels and heaping plate of fries.

Early in the summer I travelled up town for a casual Sunday dinner with my brother to catch up before the summer rush of weekends away.

We ordered just 3 dishes accompanied by a lovely chilled glass of rosé to kick off the arrival of nice weather.

The crab salad is actually an incredibly good deal. The shear amount of crab in the salad is enough to be a whole meal on its own. This delicious dish will only set you back a mere $14.

Crab with Avocado

To continue the seafood trend we also ordered the salmon tartare which comes with simple white toast triangles. Again, this dish is better for sharing because trying to take it on alone is a bit much. The rich salmon cannot possibly be consumed by just one person.

Salmon Tartare

And of course we ordered the famed Cajun chicken.  Between the buttery sauce and the french fries what might have been a healthy dish becomes incredibly indulgent. This dish must be ordered.

Half Portion of Cajun Chicken

Bilboquet is a cozy little restaurant that is wonderful for grabbing dinner with friends but always be prepared for a bit of a wait, which in the winter could potentially be a bit chilly.
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