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Maysville – NYC

MAYSVILLE – NYC 17 West 26th Street (Broadway), New York, NY 10010  Rating: 7.8  Maysville is an American tavern named after a Kentucky port town which is said to be the birthplace of bourbon. The entire restaurant is an ode … Read more..

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The Nomad – NYC

THE NOMAD – NYC The Nomad Hotel, 1170 Broadway (at 28th Street) New York, NY 10001 Rating: 8.5 The Nomad is my current restaurant obsession. It is the first place that rolls of my tongue when people ask me for … Read more..

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Silk Rd Tavern – NYC

SILK RD TAVERN- NYC 46 West 22nd Street  New York, NY 10010 Rating: 6.0   Silk Rd Tavern just opened a few weeks ago and after reading a bunch a reviews on it I was excited to make a reservation. I think they … Read more..

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