P.J. Clarke’s – NYC


915 Third Avenue (at 55th st) New York, NY 10022

44 West 63rd Street, New York, NY 10023

Date dined: 3.5.12

Picture courtesy of www.pjclarkes.com

P.J. Clarkes’ claim to fame is that they have been an established burger joint in NYC for over 125 years. That fact alone makes you want to check it out but their burgers are also Top 10 worthy. They actually have two locations in NYC (Sidecar is definitely better) but you can get their signature burger at either one. More recently P.J.’s has expanded their influence into Washington D.C., Las Vegas and even Brazil but it still remains a classic NY institution.

My friend and I were near the UWS location after an event on Monday night and since neither of us had had dinner yet we decided to stop in for a late night snack.

Oysters and burgers are a match made in heaven so we started with a dozen. My six were Royal Miyagi from the Pacific Northwest.

Hama Hama, Royal Miyagi

We then had our burgers which are made with black angus beef, juicy medium-rare with sharp white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and servced on top of an onion. This little trick allows the bun to have some of the onion flavor without actually eating the onion if that is too intense. The sharp cheddar is a very strong flavor on the burger even with the lettuce and tomato which I personally like a lot.

Classic Cheeseburger
Classic Cheeseburger
Full Oyster Bar

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