A Culinary Idol

A few months ago I was so fortunate to attend a book signing and conversation with Ferran Adrià – my culinary idol. I snuck a picture of him even though photography was discouraged to commemorate the special event. Adrià spoke about his inspirations for cooking such inventive and imaginative masterpieces at his late restaurant El Bulli and the influence and presence of Spanish cuisine in the US- in Spanish of course. Thank God for those years of Spanish classes in middle and high school! 

Ferran Adria


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  1. JAS says:

    This was a truly amazing experience. Ferran is not only a fantastic chef, but a genius in creating new spins on classic dishes as well as experimenting with new techniques and flavors. He can inspire anyone to be a chef, and as you know, according to my favorite animated movie — anyone can cook!

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