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Cafe Cluny – NYC

CAFE CLUNY – NYC 284 West 12th Street, New York, NY 10014 Rating 7.5 Cafe Cluny is one of my most frequently recommended restaurants in the West Village. Cluny is always packed (but the wait never terribly long for walk … Read more..

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Mission Chinese – NYC

MISSION CHINESE FOOD – NYC 154 Orchard St. (nr Rivington), New York, NY Rating 7.5 Mission Chinese is a tiny (41 seat) with only a couple of reservations available. But don’t preoccupy yourself with trying to get one because you … Read more..

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Pure Food & Wine

PURE FOOD & WINE – NYC 54 Irving Place  New York, NY 10003 Rating: 8.7 When I was very little my grandmother used to ask me what I wanted for dinner before visiting her house and I would always excitedly screetch “salad!!” … Read more..

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Marrakech Markets

One of the most fun things to do in the souks of Marrakech is to explore the food vendors. Among the hundreds of varieties there is one for oranges, one for dried fruits and my favorite, the vendor of olives. … Read more..

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Maybe one of the best things about warm climates is the ability to grow fresh produce year-round. This was a beautiful pomegranate tree I saw in a Berber village in Marrakech.

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Tertulia – NYC

TERTULIA – NYC 359 6th Avenue, New York, NY 10012 Rating: 8.0 Tertulia is a Spanish gastropub that came to be after Chef Seamus Mullen became inspired by the food of Northern Spain – its simplicity and quality of ingredients. … Read more..

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Takashi – NYC

TAKASHI – NYC 456 Hudson street, (btwn Morton and Barrow) New York, NY 10011 Rating: 9.2 Takashi is a name you may have heard primarily because it is rated a Zagat 27 which is pretty high up there. Especially for … Read more..

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Roberta’s @ Urbanspace

Urbanspace is a developer of pop-up spaces for retailers and food vendors / restaurants to set up shop and  sell specialty retail goods and food in the UK and the US. Recently Urbanspace opened a spot in the Meatpacking district … Read more..

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Dieci – NYC

DIECI – NYC 228 E 10th St  New York, NY 10003 Rating: 9.0 Dieci is a very unusual concept when it comes to genre- it is Japanese and Italian. The recommendation came from my friend Emily, who’s birthday we were celebrating, via a … Read more..

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Kasbah Tamadot

KASBAH TAMADOT – ATLAS MOUNTAINS, MOROCCO Rating: 9.0 We didn’t think that Morocco could possibly get any better than what we had already experienced, but then came the last stop of our amazing trip, the Kasbah Tamadot. Tamadot is owned by … Read more..

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